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Mini Maths Club


Who: Students who are in grades K to 2

When: Every Wednesday at 12:25pm – 12:55pm

Where: Tr. Racheal’s room upstairs

Mini Maths Club Aims to:


Mini Maths Rules:



Juline Hughes


Juline A. Hughes – born 9th July 1980 in Anguilla to T. Kathleen Hughes and the late Godwin O. Hughes, is an experienced and Certified Educator. Just recently, in June 2016, she attained her Master of Science Degree in Education from Walden University. Her career in Education began in 2004 after obtaining her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from the University of the Virgin Islands (UVI) that same year. Therefore, for the past 12 years she has been contributing to instilling educational development in each of her pupils to the level at which he/she potentially is capable to attain. Her relentless tenure to teach has been and to the present occurs at the Adrian T. Hazell Primary School, formerly Road Primary School.

During such time, she has embarked on the Joint Board of Teacher Education in association with the University of the West Indies Faculty of Humanities & Education, School of Education and received her Certificate in Teaching. She only needed one year as a finance professor’s assistant and freshman mentor at UVI to confirm teaching as an alternative profession to her career goals. Today, she can attest that it is the age group of students at the primary level rather than the secondary or even tertiary level that keeps her ablaze to continuously develop the foundation of education for each pupil she teaches and encounters. Ensuring her continuous professional development, she has since 2005 to the present participated in the various workshops as sponsored by the Government of Anguilla and Teachers Union workshops in relation to the Leadership Training for Caribbean Teacher Unions.
A teacher is not limited to implanting education but is also involved in ensuring the wellbeing, morals, values and discipline of a child in school and the community. For this reason, she has become an affiliate and even a member of the Anguilla Red Cross, Anguilla Teachers’ Union and Caribbean Union of Teachers and the Optimist Club. In fact, she is always eager to actively recruit students to the Optimist Club that they may imbed certain morals and values for themselves. Recognizing the improvement and successful results being received from her students, she has decided to continue her career in teaching and also to motivate and mentor young people at the schools and around Anguilla.



Glynnesia Franklin







Amazing teacher


My name says it all. My name is Glynnesia ‘Racheal’ Franklin, known to all as Tr. Racheal and sometimes Tr. Rachie. I have an ever growing passion for teaching and a drive for success.
I started my education, yes right here at the Adrian T. Hazell Primary School!
 I graduated  from primary school in 2002. I then attended the Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive School and also graduated in 2007.
I went on to continue my studies at sixth form where I was also successful. I hold an associate degree in primary education from the University of the West Indies. 
My passion for teaching started as far back as I could remember myself playing school with my teddy bears and dolls. I enjoyed volunteering and substituting while I was  still attending six form, teaching was all I wanted to do. 
My goals as a teacher is to encourage students to become confident learners, good listeners and well behaved and mannered students, while enjoying their learning experience in a comfortable and learner friendly environment.



Wenonah Lawrence

Wenonah J. Lawrence is an alumna of Bethel Preschool, Adrian T. Hazell Primary School, Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive School, University of the Virgin Islands, and Boise State University. She has been a teacher for 9 years. She is the wife of a‎ wonderful gentleman, with whom she has two precious sons.

Bonetta Lashley

I was granted the opportunity to join this noble profession in 2002 as a substitute teacher at The Adrian T.Hazell Primary which was known as Road Primary at that time. I then substituted at Alwyn Allison Primary (West End), and two other primary schools (Morris Vanterpool and Vivian Vanterpool Primary).


After my two years career as a substitute teacher, I pursued pre- school and taught atThe Prophesy Pre-School for a year. In 2007 I became a full-time primary school teacher at The Alwyn Allison Primary. I spent one year there and was transferred to The Orealia Kelly Primary where I taught at the Learning Center and Grade Two. While at Orealia Kelly Primary, I accomplished my Associates Degree in Primary Education at the University of the West Indies and became a Certified Teacher.


In 2014, I was transferred to the Adrian T Hazell Primary School as a Grade Two teacher where I was given the opportunity to realize my true potential.
My passion is teaching, inspiring and challenging children to love learning. I truly care for all students especially those under my direct supervision and will go the extra mile to ensure that they have all that they need in order to succeed. At times, I feel as if I am addicted to the act of teaching. I am the type of teacher that will create/ design the necessary resources just to encourage learning.